Nail Treatment Specialist

The Dermatology Institute of Georgia

Felicity M. Warren, MD

Dermatologist located in Lilburn, GA

Misshapen, cracked, or crusty fingernails or toenails are more than an aesthetic problem: They could be a sign of an infection or underlying disease. Get a nail treatment and restoration by expert dermatologist Dr. Felicity M. Warren. She and her team at The Dermatology Institute of Georgia in Lilburn, and Acworth, Georgia, welcome men, women, and children get healthier nails. Dr. Warren and her staff are all bilingual in English and Spanish for your convenience. Have your nails evaluated by calling the office or using the online form.

Nail Treatment Q & A

Why do my nails look strange?

While many women cover their fingernails and toenails in beautiful shades of polish, when your nails are bare they should still look healthy. If you notice ridges, crustiness, or any kind of unusual appearance, you should come to The Dermatology Institute of Georgia for an evaluation. Dr. Feliciity Warren diagnoses your nail condition, treats it, and refers you to another specialist when necessary.

Why do my nails look rippled?

Rippled nails may be a sign of an underlying autoimmune disease, such as arthritis or a skin condition called psoriasis. If Dr. Felicity Warren diagnoses psoriasis, she may treat you with lifestyle recommendations, phototherapy, and medications. If you have arthritis, she refers you to a rheumatologist.

Why are my nails always cracking or splitting?

Cracked or split nails could be a sign of thyroid disease. However, if the nails are also yellowish, you may have a fungal infection known as onychomycosis.

If Dr. Felicity Warren diagnoses a thyroid condition, she refers you to an endocrinologist. If you have onychomycosis, Dr. Felicity Warren gives you a nail treatment by clearing the infection with laser therapy, administering topical antifungal medications, or by removing the infected nails.

Why do I have pits in my nails?

If it looks like someone’s jabbed your nails with sharp needles, you may have psoriasis. Pitted nails might also be a result of an underlying connective tissue disorder or an autoimmune disease. Dr. Felicity Warren treats the nail condition and refers you to a specialist, if necessary.

Why do my nails look crusty and flaky?

When your nails are crumbly, yellow, and flaky-looking — particularly if it’s your toenails  — you could have a common nail infection called onychomycosis. Onychomycosis is a fungal infection that’s a variant of ringworm. Onychomycosis is easily transmitted in moist, warm public areas, such as swimming pools and public showers.

If you have onychomycosis, Dr. Felicity Warren’s treatment of choice is laser therapy to kill the fungi. She may also apply a topical antifungal and make lifestyle recommendations.  

Why do I have dark lines under my nails?

Dark lines underneath the nail could be a sign of melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer, so you should contact Dr. Felicity Warren immediately. If you have skin cancer, she removes the lesion and refers you to an oncologist.

Don’t ignore toenail and fingernail problems. Contact Dr. Felicity Warren for a nail evaluation by phone or online form.